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Johan De Meij T Bone Concerto Pdf 61 [2022]




5 M 13,25 -end. T-bone Concerto is a concerto for solo trombone and wind band by Dutch composer Johan de Meij which was completed in January 1996. The work was commissioned by the Hannover Band Ensemble. The piece is scored for trombone and brass wind ensemble and has three movements: I. Trombone Prelude II. Trombone Sonata III. Trombone Trio The second movement, Trombone Sonata was premiered by the band with the trombonist Lars de Vink on 13 December 1996. The composer's text is based on the concept of the logical sequence: “Abc” has a sequence of three values: a, b, and c. In “T-bone Sonata”, the trombone is the first instrument in the sequence. In this movement, the solo trombone takes on a symphonic treatment, often at a great distance from the standard trombone sonata form. After the premiere the piece was published by Vanhal Verlag and it was awarded the De Kommando Prijs for the best chamber music work in 2000. The




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Johan De Meij T Bone Concerto Pdf 61 [2022]

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