We are Travis & Ross, an adventure duo behind the Breacans brand, who have now travelled together for the past five years. It's been quite the journey learning about the countries & cultures we visit, and we now feel our duty to share what we’ve learnt. In total we’ve racked up over 120 countries and we’re now bringing you the best of our journeys through our Trips, Destination Galleries & Blogs. 

The reason for the name Breacans is because in Scottish Gaelic, breacan means tartan. Tartan is a big part of Scottish culture, with each clan (or family) having their own tartan. Now that might seem confusing, because we don’t actually sell tartan, but we’re big fans of it since Ross kicked off his kilted adventure around the world (find out more HERE). We landed on the word breacans because we liked the sound of it, it represents community and best of all, the instagram handle wasn't taken!

Ross OC Jennings

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I travel to learn as much about this world as possible so I suppose that just makes me really nosey. I spent most of my childhood growing up and moving around Asia, so it seemed natural to keep exploring once I'd finished studying. I speak Mandarin & Spanish, and having travelled solo for a few years, I'm now focussing on working in the travel industry by building Breacans. Oh and I'm hoping to play the bagpipes in every country of the world!

Travis Bluemling

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Born in Pittsburgh, I then headed West to play collegiate volleyball against the best. Once my athletic career came to an end, I made a career shift and moved to Indonesia for 27 months where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I then returned to the US to study a Masters in Youth Development, alongside working for the Peace Corps. In 2017 I  made the jump to work in the travel industry and started working towards building Breacans as a brand.


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Initiatives we're involved in:

buildOn is a global nonprofit that has partnered with villages for nearly 30 years to build 1,200+ primary schools in the world's poorest countries. We're helping them build a school in Nepal!